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Grilled Halibut

* Tomato Salsa
* 2 small (about 1-inch thick, 1 1/2 pounds each) halibut steaks
* 1/3 cup(s) lime juice
* 2 tablespoon(s) olive or vegetable oil
* 1/2 teaspoon(s) salt
* 1/4 teaspoon(s) ground white pepper
* Fruitwood chips or dried fennel stalks
* Lime slices, for garnish


1. Prepare Tomato Salsa. In shallow dish, combine halibut, lime juice, oil, salt, and pepper.
Turn fish several times in lime marinade. Refrigerate 30 minutes to marinate.
2. Meanwhile, heat coals or wood in a grill until hot, and soak wood chips in water for 30
minutes. Lightly oil or coat grill rack with nonstick vegetable cooking spray and set aside.
3. Drain wood chips and place on hot coals. Heat grill rack. Drain halibut and place on hot grill
rack 4 inches above hot coals for 5 minutes. With 2 large pancake turners, carefully turn fish.
Grill 5 minutes longer or until fish flakes easily. Garnish with lime slices. Divide each halibut
slice in half before serving and top each with some Tomato Salsa.

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